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A history of commitment to behavioral health

More than 36 years ago, Mickey Lavender began delivering accounting and financial consulting services to clients in the public, private, and non-profit industry sectors. His unique brand of business savvy and overall accounting knowledge provided the basis for many of these client companies to expand their product and services offerings through effective use of new operational techniques and procedures. This approach of using a combination of the newest techniques and time-tested principles helped each of Mickey’s clients improve their bottom-line performance while streamlining day to day operations significantly.

In the early 1980s, a Community Mental Health Center client needed help working through what had become, even by today’s standards, an extremely complex financial accounting, billing and reporting process. Because no adequate software solution was available to providers of community-based services that incorporated the complexities of accounting, billing, and authorizations coordination, Mickey further defined his sole focus on one industry—behavioral health.

Grounded in industry-standard accounting practices, LWSI’s essentia provides the foundation and depth of functionality critical to improving overall financial performance through improved operational efficiencies like:

Now, 36 years later, and with satisfied clients across the country, LWSI is positioned as one of the leading provider of information management solutions for behavioral healthcare providers. The company has worked with its clients, through extensive collaboration, to create solutions tailored to the unique needs of their industry. With each new client, LWSI continues to build on its history of delivering integrated solutions, therefore allowing customers to focus on their core business.