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Meridian and LWSI agree to collaborate on a comprehensive solution suite enhancing capability to effectively and efficiently deliver a broad continuum of care.

Meridian Behavioral Healthcare, Inc., a nonprofit healthcare provider in North Central Florida that touches over 26,000 lives annually, serving people who experience mental illnesses, addiction, and other social challenges, recently entered a pact with LWSI to deliver a comprehensive solution to enhance its capability to effectively and efficiently deliver a broad continuum of care. EssentiaTM, LWSI’s market-leading complete software suite for Behavioral Health will be deployed throughout the agency.

“Meridian has always been at the forefront of the health and wellness needs of our local community, in addition to making contributions nationally,” said Maggie Labarta. Ph.D., President and CEO of Meridian Behavioral Healthcare, Inc. “Although a top priority for us was to find a comprehensive solution, it was also paramount to partner with a company committed to our mission, vision, and philosophy of care across the spectrum of services Meridian provides. LWSI fit this critical criteria while providing a genuine sense of personal investment in our ultimate success.”

“It’s partners like Meridian that inspire us to collaborate on a solution!” stated LWSI Executive Vice President and COO, Randy Ready. “We are honored by Meridian’s endorsement of our 30–year commitment to focus on delivering forward leaning technology for Behavioral Health, fully developed in-house and completely integrated on one platform. Furthermore, we believe they recognize that LWSI strives to listen to our customers first and then tailor a solution to their specialized needs.”

EssentiaTM will be fit to enhance a multitude of Merdian’s program services including Children’s, Outreach and Intervention, Forensic, Mental Illness, Substance Abuse/Addiction, Inpatient, and Residential Services. The platform’s integrated core functionality enables a cohesive workflow from human services to individual encounters to billing and revenue cycle management. When therapists are confident in processes that queue ready, relevant, and compliant documentation, they can focus on providing effective quality care in an efficient manner.

Meridian’s administrative and support teams will enjoy the same confidence, because EssentiaTM has always maintained a consistent technical DNA, not grafted from disparate sources, assuring coherent functionality throughout their operational ecosystem. Furthermore, Meridian can trust that dedicated people at LWSI will endeavor to succeed and, moreover, exceed on their behalf.

About Meridian

Meridian Behavioral Healthcare, Inc. is a private, not-for-profit healthcare organization that offers solutions for people’s mental illnesses, addiction, and other social challenges in North Central Florida and beyond. Meridian’s primary service area covers nearly 7,500 square miles and serves the following counties—Alachua, Bradford, Columbia, Dixie, Gilchrist, Hamilton, Lafayette, Levy, Putnam, Suwannee, and Union. According to the most recent statistics, Meridian’s full continuum of care through it’s 60 different programs annually impacts 26,154 lives with 13,581 enrolled in treatment, 293,215 scheduled visits, and $1,773, 821 delivered in uncompensated care.

About LWSI

LWSI is dedicated to delivering forward leaning information technologies for Behavioral Health agencies that support clinical and administrative efficiencies and improve the mission to provide this vital community service. LWSI develops, implements, and supports EssentiaTM, the market-leading Behavioral Health enterprise solution that eliminates the need for paper records, prescriptions, and processes. EssentiaTM is one database with fully integrated functionality including an ONC certified EHR for Meaningful Use, scheduling, billing, and an array of human services, financial, revenue cycle management, and reporting modules. The EssentiaTM platform is installed reliably and securely in either the agencies own infrastructure or hosted in LWSI’s data center.