IBM Resources

Essentia is developed and configured to run on the IBM Power System platform.  This provides a single source for the hardware and the integrated software needed to make it work, including the operating system, relational database and systems management.

This single source means that all the parts work well together because that is the way they are designed.  Because the software is integrated when the hardware is delivered, your implementation time is shorter and you will have a faster time to value.

You will find that costs for IBM systems are less when you factor in all the associated costs, including third-party software, personnel and maintenance.  Your IBM system is the latest version of one that has been employed for years and has been progressively upgraded and enhanced to deliver stability, manageability and reliability.  And it comes with a 3-year warranty, which will help you sleep better at night.

IBM products are strong in security and malware protection.  Security breaches are rare and malware infestations are almost unknown.  There are no known IBM Power System viruses.  Your IBM system will be dependable and durable and will have US Department of Defense certified levels of security.

IBM products work and they keep working.  That’s the reason they’re the standard of the industry. That’s the reason that we use them and put our trust in them.  You won’t be sorry.

For more information about IBM products and solutions that are available through LWSI, please contact Jan Lewis at or 501-558-4604.