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Services that are personal and professional

Strong focus
With our small client base, we can give your organization personal service and support. From initial implementation and training through ongoing support and optimization, our approach to customer care is culture-rooted and process-focused. As a result, our customers consistently rate us highly for keeping promises – as well as for staying on-time and on-budget. Our collaborative partnerships provide low risk and proven success.

Through years of successful installations, we’ve been able to perfect the implementation of EHR systems, especially for those with limited availability of resources common in behavioral health. Our team of financial and clinical experts makes it happen. We engage in extensive on-site, hands-on training – before, during and after you go live. We accurately convert existing data, relieving your agency of this time-consuming task. And we establish industry best practices to ensure optimal utilization. What this means to you is a smooth transition to an electronic environment with a high rate of adoption.

Once your EHR is put in place, don’t disappear. Under our total system support department, ongoing training is continually available, ensuring users stay current with the latest enhancements. Software upgrades are provided routinely, not only to enhance functionality, but also to meet regulatory demands. In fact, federal and state regulatory compliance is guaranteed. Finally, our all-encompassing approach ensures your LWSI EHR system performs at the highest level now and well into the future.

Faster installs cost less
Our development of a Best Practice data base build and standardized templates gets your organization up and running sooner – and at a lower cost. Our interface methodologies options help affiliated providers benefit from a unified record for the clients you share.