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Implementation Services

LWSI is here to make sure your transition to an integrated EHR application is as seamless as possible.  Our goal is your success and satisfaction.  LWSI utilizes a “Four D” methodology for implementing the Essentia application suite… Define, Design, Develop and Deploy.

Define – Focuses on understanding the uniqueness of your business and defining an implementation project timeline that meets your needs.

Design – Focuses on merging the customer’s uniqueness with the Essentia application.

Develop – Focuses on creating a unique configuration to complete the design for your agency

Deploy – Focuses on knowledge transfer … this phase encompasses everything from our initial beta testing of the developed solution to the training of power users and end-users.

LWSI does encourage active participation throughout the implementation process.  A project manager is assigned to you and regularly scheduled meetings occur so that there are no surprises along the way.

During implementation, our specialists will work diligently with your staff to understand their work environments and processes, overcome obstacles to effective system use, and ensure that they become proficient users. This training is customized according to your organization’s needs and is conducted onsite in classroom, small-group, and one-on-one formats.

After the implementation, there is a defined period of time for “post go live support”.  During this time, the implementation team is available to meet your needs.  Once all parties agree, you will be transitioned to our ongoing Essentia support team for ongoing maintenance and day to day concerns.

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