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Essentia Enterprise Solutions

Behavioral health information management for your entire agency

Your clients are at the very heart of your business. With Essentia, you will have complete visibility to each client’s information across all points of care, providing continuity of care and reducing the chance of errors.

You will be able to create and manage a universal client chart that will include scheduling, clinical documentation, EHR, financial, human services, billing and electronic prescriptions throughout every department within your agency.  You will help provide better outcomes across the entire continuum of healthcare by allowing hospitals and doctors to have access to complete patient information through national, interoperable health information exchanges.

And you will also reduce operational costs, enhance communications, and improve workflow.

So whether you’re an administrator, therapist, case manager or business office professional, Essentia will introduce ease and efficiency to your day.

If your agency is like most, you’re challenged every day with declining reimbursement and funding, high fixed costs, and resource shortages. So choosing and implementing a behavioral health information management system involves more than just a desire to enhance client safety.

Our comprehensive solution is a unique combination of functionality, integration, and built-in value. For example, our fully integrated system features the following modules: