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Essentia Connect

Essentia Connect enables your agency to exchange standards-based health data with other electronic health record systems with minimal impact on your care workflows.  This real-time health data exchange allows providers from any care specialty in your community to securely share a client’s health information, which will help improve care, provide better outcomes and lower costs.

Essentia captures health information in a standardized format, aiding in interoperability and in communicating that data for care coordination processes.  Capturing, sharing and transforming this data creates actionable information to ensure that your clients can achieve their best health and to support population health management.

Patient Portal

The Essentia Connect Patient Portal allows clients to engage in their own care and transforms the relationship to be more of a partnership with your agency.  Clients have ready access to their health information when it is convenient for them and can check their diagnosis, lab results, current medications and allergies.  They can also change personal or demographic information.  They feel more empowered in their treatment plans, because more of their health care is in their hands.

The Essentia Patient Portal is hosted on a secure connection and accessed through a password-protected login, so private information is safe from unauthorized access.

Your agency will improve administrative efficiency by decreasing labor costs such as mailing lab results, online appointment scheduling and online reminders.  And your clients will increase access to their care and have a hand in improving their outcomes.