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Essentia EMR

Essentia’s electronic medical records (EMR) enables your clinical staff to be more efficient and to focus on the quality of care.  The clinical process is organized into an efficient workflow beginning with the initial assessment and continuing through treatment and graduation from services, from beginning to end, whether your agency is outpatient or inpatient.

An electronic health records system should make your life easier.  It should be usable, intuitive and complete and you should get the training and support to make the system work with your processes. You should be able to configure your EHR for the way you work, with the reports you need.  With Essentia, you can.

The Essentia workflow process was designed by a team of professionals that included clinicians, IT specialists, medical records staff and C-level administrators with years of experience in behavioral healthcare.

As the client is assessed, diagnosed and enters the treatment flow, you will see all data in “real time.”  If a diagnosis is changed, a goal updated, or a prescription changed, all views of that data are updated as soon as the task is completed.  And because all Essentia components share one integrated database, your updates of treatment plans or assessments are done as soon as they are submitted.

Progress toward each goal is automatically graphed, enabling your clinical staff to be more confident and decisive in determining the services to be provided and in continuing the plan of care, moving your client steadily closer to a successful outcome.

Because Essentia tracks credentials, payer authorizations and governing agency regulations, you can be sure that the billing is in compliance, which means you’ll have far fewer claim denials.

All the information flows through the system into any of the required clinical documents for a “historical snap shot,” which also aids in billing compliance.  The data can easily be displayed in graphs or drill-down reports for the agency executives, boards of directors, or state requirements.  Essentia Business Intelligence (EBI) allows virtually unlimited review and analysis of any data within the system, including analysis of client progress, clinical productivity and program effectiveness.

Fully integrated financials, including general ledger, mean that you don’t have the expense of an external accounting package. In addition to general ledger, the financials include claims processing, accounts receivable, accounts payable, fixed assets, payroll and human resources.  This single system is more efficient, giving you a complete view to help you make informed decisions and take intelligent action to manage your agency’s profitability.

Essentia allows you to electronically write all your prescriptions, including schedule II-V controlled substances, which improves client safety, eliminates potential transcription errors and helps prevent fraud and abuse.

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