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Essentia Financials

General Ledger
Forms the axis of Lavender & Wyatt’s (LWSI’s) Essentia administrative components. Each account provides extensive format control and accommodate each client’s unique accounting structure. General Ledger consolidates, monitors, and reports on the financial results of operations.

Accounts Payable
Provides control and management of accounts payable information from the time an invoice arrives at the office through the preparation of checks and posting to the General Ledger. With a comprehensive inquiry of both open payables and invoices paid during the year, the system helps reduce administrative and clerical costs while managing more timely billing payments. In addition to individual invoice entry and payment, the system provides for recurring payables such as mortgages and other fixed periodic payments.

Fixed Assets
Performs the calculations for monthly depreciation and generates entries for posting to the General Ledger. At the same time, accumulated depreciation for each asset is updated for the current year and life-to-date. Fixed Assets provides inquiry and reports to assist agencies in monitoring and managing their assets.

Human Resources
Interfaces with payroll to assist with personnel information management and provides flexible human resources reporting and personnel evaluation tools. The Human Resources component delivers a dynamic information management database for position management, personnel certifications, history, benefits, and compensation.

Simplifies the time-consuming and complex tasks of payroll processing and record-keeping. The Payroll System makes it a simple task to produce payroll checks while maintaining the information required for payroll tax reporting. Payroll provides support for MICR encoding and even provides electronic deposit functions for multiple accounts per employee.