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Essentia Human Services

From the first phone call, information is entered into and populates the system. Essentia begins the authorization process and activates billing and accounts receivables for the client. The result is enhanced coordination between departments as all information is carried through to electronically auto-populate every document along the client’s treatment path.

Client Intake
This application gives behavioral health professionals the ability to track client demographic data from the moment of initial communication and provides a record of all subsequent events.

Easily and productively manage the overwhelming task of scheduling your client events. Scheduling provides maintenance of appointments and accommodates individual, group, and recurring scheduling.

These authorizations allow you to control the volume of services provided within the changing behavioral health environment. Essentia warns your staff when an authorization is required, as well as when authorizations have reached a pre-determined trigger point.

Claims Processing
Essentia delivers complete claims processing functions for 837 claims, 835 remittances, and 270/271 eligibility verifications.

Accounts Receivable
This module provides billing for an unlimited number of funding sources and accounts as well as sliding fee scales for self-pay clients. For third party insurance, it will automatically bill both the client and insurance portions simultaneously.

Management Information Reporting
An integrated application which provides organizations with all reporting functions necessary, the Essentia dashboard gives management the ability to periodically analyze, evaluate, and report on virtually any data element, including client demographic and census information.